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Violent Peace: Aftermath of Armageddon

Violent Peace: Aftermath of Armageddon

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Mutual exhaustion after a massive nuclear exchange and a worldwide pandemic are giving way to a violent peace. While Admiral Dan Lenson crosses a post-Armageddon U.S. in search of his missing daughter, his wife, Blair Titus, lands in a spookily deserted, riot-torn Beijing to negotiate an armistice and try to create a democratic government. The violent and equivocal termination of the conflict between China and the Allies has brought not enduring peace, but even more dangerous and unstable realignments in the endless game of great-power chess. Will the end of one worldwide war simply be the signal for the beginning of another?

David Poyer, 2020

Hardcover, Very Good (Ex-Library, images show the markings)

373 pages


24.2 x 16.5 x 3.4 cm

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