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What to Eat When You're Expecting

What to Eat When You're Expecting

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Welcome to "Nourishing Life: What to Eat When You're Expecting - A Comprehensive Guide". This invaluable resource, written by Arlene Eisenberg, Heidi E. Murkoff, and Sandee E. Hathaway, is designed to promote fetal development and maternal well-being.

The guide suggests a diet plan comprised of wholesome, unprocessed foods and includes essential information on nutrition and weight gain during pregnancy. It features recipes specifically designed to nourish both mother and baby, ensuring optimal health and well-being throughout this special time.

Published in 1986, this paperback edition in very good condition contains 349 pages of insightful content. Weighing just 478g with dimensions of 23 x 15 x 2 cm, this book is a must-have for expectant mothers and those planning to start a family.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to nourish life from the very beginning. With only one copy left in stock, this is your chance to gain a comprehensive understanding of what to eat when you're expecting.

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