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You'll Die in Singapore by Charles McCormac

You'll Die in Singapore by Charles McCormac

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One of the great true stories of WWII. This is the true account of one of the most amazing POW escapes. Weakened by hunger, thirst and ill-treatment, author Charles McCormac, then a World War Two prisoner-of-war in Japanese-occupied Singapore, knew that if he did not escape he would die. With 16 other Australian and British prisoners, he broke out of Pasir Panjang camp and began an epic two-thousand-mile escape from the island of Singapore, through the jungles of Indonesia to Australia. Only 2 out of the original 17 men that escaped survived: one Australian, Donaldson, and one Brit, McCormac (the author).

Charles McCormac, 1965

Mass Paperback, Good

192 pages


17.8 x 11.6 x 1.5 cm

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